What I Watched, What You Watched: Installment #17

This week I’m on time and have more than just one movie to discuss as I finally finished watching both Terrence Malick and Paul Weitz’s filmography, caught another Christmas film I had not seen and refreshed my memory on a Spielberg sci-fi.

As always, remember you can keep tabs on my personal Netflix queue right here. I now have 51 friends on the movie rental site and would love to have a few more if those of you out there with accounts are interested. Now, here’s the recap of my week in movies…

A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (2001)
QUICK THOUGHTS: For no real reason whatsoever other than the fact this film had landed on my radar over the past few months, I finally decided to watch A.I. since first watching it back in 2001. I remember not being blown away after seeing it the first time and again I wasn’t bowled over, but there are some great things going on with this film and I have got to say, Haley Joel Osment was one hell of a child actor, there was an impressive maturity to him and it worked very well in this film. It’s also like one last bit of Kubrick shared with the world and for that I am thankful Steven Spielberg made it.

My favorite moment has got to be when David submerges himself underwater, staring at the blue fairy. I actually think the film could have ended at that moment and remained just as, if not more interesting. Anyone out there agree? Disagree?

About a Boy (2001)
QUICK THOUGHTS: I mentioned I was going to be watching this one last week as it was the only one of Paul Weitz’s films I had not seen and I guess it also means I wrapped up watching Paul’s brother, Chris’s, filmography as well, that is unless you count The Twilight Saga: New Moon, which I am seeing early next week. As for About a Boy, it was a decent film, fun to watch and with the to-be-expected entertaining performance from Hugh Grant. It’s a good film, not great, but definitely worth a watch and one that would be easy to watch repeatedly.

White Christmas (1954)
QUICK THOUGHTS: Disappointing, very disappointing. I was just bored by this film, which was too long and lacked any kind of warmth in terms of being a Christmas movie and pop in terms of being a musical. My experience with Bing Crosby is limited to say the least having only seen the very entertaining Going My Way before White Christmas, but it wasn’t him that I had a problem with in this film. Actually, it wasn’t any one. The film itself is just too long and just wasn’t able to keep my interest. Oh well.

Badlands (1973)
QUICK THOUGHTS: This was the only Terrence Malick film I had not seen and it’s a decidely different film from all his others, but you can see the obvious progression from Badlands to Days of Heaven and so on, especially visually. Badlands, though, is more of a study of man than most of Malick’s other features and also doesn’t show the same dedication to nature, a move that obviously began taking over in Days of Heaven and then wove itself into the story in The Thin Red Line. I’m probably in the same camp as most people when I say Days of Heaven is my favorite Malick feature, but I can watch any of them if that’s the majority choice.

There you have it. Now share your weekly recaps and weigh in with any thoughts you may have on the films I saw. And remember to connect with my Netflix queue by clicking here, I have already added several titles from those that have already linked up.


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