‘No You’re Not, You’re Disloyal’


I am sitting here working on my review of Fantastic Mr. Fox and a particular quote from the film that had both myself and Laremy laughing in the theaters just popped into my head again and lo and behold it is available as part of a clip from the film.

It’s hard to tell if this will be in any way comical to you out of context with the rest of the film and everything that leads up to this moment, but it should give you a small taste of the subtlety level this film is working on. Wes Anderson has never been a “beat ’em over the head” comedic director and this one has the pacing and delivery of early Anderson, Bottle Rocket-Anderson.

Give it a watch below and, if you can, check this film out in theaters this weekend. It’s opening limited and expanding throughout the month and it is definitely worth a look.

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