Button Mashing Was Popular before Richard Kelly’s ‘The Box’


Did you get a chance to see Richard Kelly’s The Box this past weekend? By now, if you are an avid online reader, you’ve probably heard the film is an adaptation of Richard Matheson’s “Button, Button” which was also turned into an episode of “The Twilight Zone”. However, a second video has shown up online titled “Black Button,” a short film created directed by Lucas Crandles and written by Crandles and his Dark Heart Productions partner Hayden James Weston. The duo are from Melbourne, Australia and released “Black Button” in January 2007.

The comparison to Kelly’s The Box is obvious as a man is offered a button to push in exchange for $10 million, but the circumstances of his being there and the end result are far different from what happens in The Box, although the moral of it all still remains.

Below I have added “Black Button” as well as the “Twilight Zone” episode of “Button, Button.” Enjoy at your leisure and weigh in with your thoughts in the comments. I would definitely suggest watching the short first, at only seven minutes it’s certainly a thought-provoking piece.

Twilight Zone – "Button, Button" Parts One and Two

Thanks to Sci Fi Squad for the heads up.