Frank Langella Joining Oliver Stone’s ‘Wall Street 2’

Michael Fleming at Variety reports Oscar-nominated actor Frank Langella is set to join the cast of Oliver Stone’s Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps, which is currently set for a April 23, 2010 release from 20th Century Fox.

In the sequel to the 1987 original, Shia LaBeouf plays a young Wall Street broker mentored by old-time broker Lewis Zabel (Langella). The mentor’s fate plays a major part in the film’s plot. Michael Douglas, who’ll reprise his Gordon Gekko role.

For those wondering why I haven’t mentioned Javier Bardem’s name as the film’s villain, well word is the negotiations fell apart, but that doesn’t mean original rumor-starter Nikki Finke is giving up just yet as she recently said Bardem’s No Country for Old Men co-star Josh Brolin was being considered for the role as the villainous hedge funder. Brolin recently starred as George W. Bush in Stone’s W., which makes the rumor a likely consideration, but nothing else has been said of the situation since outside of Fleming making a brief mention of it in this latest article.


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