Ron Howard Attached to Direct Ludlum’s ‘Parsifal Mosaic’

It would be nice to really like a Ron Howard movie again since the last time was in 2005 with Cinderella Man, a film that oddly enough wasn’t necessarily embraced by the masses serving as further proof I may in fact be out of touch, but that’s neither here nor there as today we have good news on the Howard front. Variety is reporting Universal Pictures has attached Ron Howard to direct the feature adaptation of Robert Ludlum’s The Parsifal Mosaic with David Self penning the adaptation.

Of course, I have never read “The Parsifal Mosaic” and my excitement is merely based on the name Ludlum alone, much in the way I was excited for Shutter Island when I heard Martin Scorsese was directing it until I read the Dennis Lehane book and my excitement began to dwindle. Perhaps the moral of the story is to never read books because they may one day be turned into movies, but I have a hard time suscribing to that idea even though my book reading time is down to a minimum lately.

As for the story of “The Parsifal Mosaic,” the novel follows a CIA operative who thinks he witnessed the execution of his lover after she was identified as a KGB double agent.

There is no talk of a production start date, but at this moment Howard doesn’t have a film he is specifically attached to although back in early June a Hollywood Reproter article does mention the possibility of Howard still directing a remake of the 1970 sci-fi saga Colossus: The Forbin Project. Howard was first attached to the feature back in April of 2007 with Jason Rothenberg penning the screenplay. No word on the status of that one, but I expect Howard will be up and running soon.