Comic Con News Shorts: ‘Saw VI,’ ‘Avatar,’ ‘Pirates 4,’ ‘Dark Shadows’ and More

If you have ever been to Comic Con or know someone that has been to Comic Con then you already realize it is impossible to see everything, let alone try and cover it as a single individual. Therefore, you just check out what looks best and what’s most topical and you cover it the best you can. That’s what I am trying to do, but obviously I have had to miss out on things such as interviews and a few other panels. Luckily there are folks out there that have been on top of it and here are a few news bits from around the Con:

The teaser trailer and a red band clip from Saw VI has debuted:


I haven’t finished my write-up on the presentation and footage for James Cameron’s Avatar yet, but plenty other have. Here’s a few reactions: JoBlo, Dark Horizons, Coming Soon, Hollywood Elsewhere [includes some video], CHUD and Slash Film.

Disney’s Head of Production Oren Aviv said, “We’re going to shoot Pirates 4 in April and May of next year. We are going to release it hopefully in 2011 is the plan.” He said that this time they would only be doing one movie this time that would “hopefully be the first of another trilogy.” [Coming Soon]

Tim Burton announced once he’s done with Alice in Wonderland, his next project will be Dark Shadows. Johnny Depp is expected to play Barnabas Collins. [Coming Soon]

Paul W.S. Anderson revealed that Resident Evil: Afterlife will be released in 3D and will kick-off a new trilogy! [Shock Til You Drop]

Devin Faraci at CHUD delivers a Comic Con “Hall of Shame” [CHUD]

I posted this on my Twitter page, but on August 21 a global audience can see 15 minutes of Avatar in as many IMAX theaters as Fox can get on “Avatar Day.”

Yahoo unveiled the following poster for Jonah Hex:

Photo: Warner Bros.

Yahoo also debuted new images from 2012 including the following poster:

Photo: Columbia Pictures