Ugh, Doesn’t Look Like Season Four of ‘Heroes’ is For Me

Nope, not a movie story, but “Heroes” is an acceptable campfire topic around these parts and a new bit of casting news popped up at The Hollywood Reporter that didn’t get me too excited for the next season. Word has it, Robert Knepper, who played Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell on Fox’s “Prison Break,” is set to star in at least a six episode arc of the fourth season as the new lead villain.

Of course, if you keep up on my reviews you will know I don’t exactly have a soft spot in my heart for Knepper’s acting. In my review of Transporter 3 I went on to say, “Cast as TP3‘s baddie is Robert Knepper, the same man that made a fool of himself in Hitman and does it weekly on Fox’s ‘Prison Break’ as T-Bag. Knepper is certainly one of the worst actors getting any play at the moment…”

Knepper was one of the reasons “Prison Break” drove me insane and he has continued the same path of over-the-top acting in his most recent films and I have no reason to believe his appearance on “Heroes” will be any different, of course, I may be in the minority in this opinion.

I know at least one person read my Transporter 3 review and told me they disagreed and I can’t help but believe the “Heroes” casting directors do as well since his over the top evil eye must be what landed him the role. Good on him, I wish him luck, but his casting just doesn’t excite me in the least.

The THR article goes on to say Knepper’s character is named Samuel, a Jim Jones type — charismatic but evil, with a twisted sense of humor — who will veer into the lives of all heroes. The character had been referred to as “Carnival Barker” in the series breakdown released last month.

Filming for “Heroes” will start again later this week.

I watched the first couple episodes of season three and wasn’t too impressed. I even took the time to poke a little fun at three atrocious lines of dialogue from the two-hour premiere. I haven’t heard much about the third season, but I have it in my NetFlix Instant Play queue. Should I give it a second chance? The third season doesn’t hit DVD and Blu-ray until September 1st so I could watch it now and have that part of the review process taken care of… that’s always a nice prospect.


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