First Three Minutes of Coppola’s ‘Tetro’

Photo: American Zoetrope

Apple has just debuted the first three minutes of Francis Ford Coppola’s upcoming Argentine family drama Tetro after releasing the trailer over the weekend.

The film is gaining plenty of attention around the web due to its visual style courtesy of Coppola’s work with cinematographer Mihai Malaimare Jr. and I can tell you as someone who has already seen this great film it is even better on the big screen. It feels like a film from the 30s or 40s with its beautiful black-and-white photography and then when the scenes switch to color it just gets all that much better. Even better, it works as a film above and beyond just a visually impressive feature.

I was also happy to see the above scene again since I couldn’t remember what it said on that wall after I walked out and I wanted to translate it. Hitting up Babelfish it tells me it reads something like “do not loosen the rope that ties me to your soul.”

The first three minutes don’t give way to the color of the film, but it certainly gives you an excellent feel for the film. Give it a watch below and then head to Apple and watch it in high-definition. You can then watch the trailer right here.

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