We Get Our First Look at ‘Descent 2’


Neil Marshall’s 2006 horror The Descent was phenomenal, one of the better horror films I have seen in a long time and probably a horror film I would place somewhere near the top of my personal horror best of list. However, the idea of a sequel seems a bit odd considering the fate of the girls from the first film, and I am never in favor of eking another story out just because audiences took to the first installment, but Descent 2 is coming and there is nothing you can do about it except to accept the fact, embrace it and hope it delivers.

Today we get our first look at the new film which is obviously working off the American ending and not the much bleaker UK version as Shauna Macdonald returns as Sarah and is forced to show the authorities just why she is covered in her friend’s blood after escaping a cave filled with underground mutants. Something I would assume would be hard to convince anyone of.

While the idea of Sarah returning to the cave of hell is a bit silly, since I would rather be tossed in the insane asylum before ever going back there, the explanation works. As for my desire for this film, I hope it can capture the intensity of the original, which if you haven’t seen you really must check out. From what I can tell from this international trailer there will be a nice bit of “close to drowning” claustrophobia that will hopefully equal the panicked moment in the first film and it looks like the gore has been ramped up a notch as this is obviously a slightly more unrated trailer than we will get domestically.

For now there is no domestic release date announced, but IMDb lists a June release for Belgium.