Paul Weitz Looking to Direct ‘Little Fockers’

Paul Weitz, director of such films as American Pie and About a Boy, is now expected to direct the third film in the Focker comedy franchise, Little Fockers for Universal Pictures reports Variety. Production is expected to begin in July with John Hamburg (I Love You, Man) rewriting a script originated by Larry Stuckey.

Already lined up to return are Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Teri Polo and Blythe Danner in a film that is expected to revolve around the children of Greg and Pam Focker (Stiller and Polo). I would not be surprised if news soon hit that Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand would also return as Greg’s parents Bernie and Rozalin Focker, but that is just speculation on my part for now.

I have only seen Meet the Parents and have no interest in seeing the sequel or this film for that matter, but the combined worldwide gross of both films is just north of $820 million so it obviously doesn’t matter one bit what I think.

As for Weitz, we just learned his next film Cirque du Freak, an adaptation of the Darren Shan novel starring John C. Reilly, just found its way into the theatrical dead zone with a January 15, 2010 release after hovering in the unknown of 2009 for so long.

Weitz’s last film was American Dreamz, which I did not like, but prior to that was In Good Company, a film I enjoyed to some extent. Directing Little Fockers will obviously be more of a return to his American Pie roots, but I am sure they will keep it PG-13.


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