Lois Lane Joins Rob Zombie’s ‘H2’ and Possible New Title

Shock Till You Drop points us to Rob Zombie’s MySpace blog in which he has revealed Margot Kidder, most prominently known as Lois Lane from the Christopher Reeve days of playing Superman as well as the original Amityville Horror, has joined the cast of the Halloween sequel H2.

Kidder will be playing Laurie Strode’s (Scout Taylor-Compton) therapist Barbara Collier.

In additional news Zombie apparently posted and then removed what most are assuming to be a new title for the film H2: The Devil Walks Among Us, which makes sense since marketing a film called H2 wouldn’t be nearly as easy. I would assume Zombie jumped the gun on the title reveal and was asked to remove it, or something along those lines.

Production on the sequel is currently underway in Georgia and the film is set to be released on August 28 from Dimension.

SIDE NOTE: There are quite a few nudie pics of Margot online according to my Google search for an image for this post. Can’t say I was ready for that.


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