‘The Cabin in the Woods’ Gets Five More Guests

Online junkies are sure to be interested in the thriller The Cabin in the Woods as it has online sensation Joss Whedon’s (Serenity) name emblazoned on it as co-writer with Cloverfield scripter Drew Goddard who is also set to make his directorial debut on the flick which actually doesn’t have a synopsis or even an inkling as to what it is about, but money says it involves a cabin in the woods… that’s just a guess.

The latest news comes from The Hollywood Reporter telling us Kristen Connolly (Revolutionary Road), Chris Hemsworth (Star Trek), Anna Hutchison (Underbelly), Fran Kranz (The Village) and Jesse Williams (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2) have joined the cast which already includes Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford.

THR refers to the story as a “genre-tweaking screenplay” which tells me they are reprinting words directly from the mouth of United Artists unless they have a secret copy of the script and have already read it. However, I remain interested in finding out just how you “tweak” the young-people-stranded-in-the-woods horror. Could be interesting and Whedon definitely brings the storytelling flavor while I don’t believe I am alone in enjoying Goddard’s work on Cloverfield.

The Cabin in the Woods is already shooting and will be released by United Artists on February 5, 2010.


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