Has Kevin Williamson Officially Signed On for a New ‘Scream’ Trilogy?


The screen capture you see below was sent to me by someone named Caroline and I have no way of confirming the legitimacy of the report featured in the capture, but it would seem to ring true considering all the Scream 4 coverage Bloody-Disgusting has been reporting over the past month including this report which came one week prior to the date listed on the capture which appears to be a look at the William Morris Agency Intranet. (I did the photo manipulation work as it actually came as one big traditional screen cap.)

Photo: Someone’s Desktop

So, is original Scream creator ready to get back on board the Ghostface franchise with an all new trilogy? BD says he has been working on it already and they are making financial offers to David Arquette, Courtney Cox Arquette and Neve Campbell to appear in cameos as the franchise is looking to skew younger.

You will also notice the mention of a remake of Curtis Hanson’s 1987 thriller The Bedroom Window, which starred Steve Guttenberg and has the following synopsis posted at Amazon:

Architect Terry Lambert (Steve Guttenberg) takes pity on Sylvia Wentworth (Isabelle Huppert), the apparently put-upon wife of his brutish boss (Paul Shenar). Terry commences an affair with Sylvia and during a break between seductions, Sylvia hears a woman screaming from outside her bedroom window. She looks down to see a mysterious man strangling helpless victim Denise (Elizabeth McGovern). By the time Terry comes to the window, he can see only a crowd of spectators. The next day, Terry learns that another girl has been attacked and murdered, and begins to deduce that the killer may be the same person who assaulted Denise. He wants to go to the police, but Sylvia refuses to get involved. Or is she already involved?

Is any of it true or has someone just found a way to spend a few hours trying to stir weird Internet rumors? It seems real enough to me, but I am sure we will know soon.

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