Box-Office Oracle: Oct. 31 – Nov. 2, 2008

#1 movie predicted correctly: 2 Weeks in a Row
It’s time to lay it on the line. This one is facing two genres that have a history of plummeting (Horror, Tween) in their second weekend. Plus it has “Porno” in the title. Plus it has Banks and Rogen. No, they aren’t household names – but they also aren’t actors that people say “who the hell is that?” about when they see them. All this adds up to Kevin Smith’s best opening weekend ever. And I’m calling it a winning weekend.
Estimate: $22.4 million
Gotta drop it 55%. Really should be dropping it 60%. But I’m really nice.
Estimate: $18.9 million
Can’t wait for Saw VI! A 63% drop for you, don’t pass go, don’t collect $200.
Estimate: $11.2 million
In the trailers she seems pretty haunted. But the lack of awareness will murder this film’s financial prospects.
Estimate: $6.6 million
I really wish this was a better film. Then I could tell people to check it out. As it stands I have to tell them to “ignore it.” That’s not as fun.
Estimate: $6.5 million
We’ve now entered the portion of the top ten where nothing really matters. A few dollars here or there could move you four slots.
Estimate: $4.1 million
I really wish that N in the middle would have been capitalized. Solid flick though – this one I can recommend.
Estimate: $3.7 million
I get the sneaking suspicion that this film wasn’t really about bees at all.
Estimate: $3.6 million
I can only ding it 24% because films don’t fall much under $!500 per theater. At that point you’re barely paying the popcorn guy minimum wage.
Estimate: $3.0 million
Too bad I missed this one. I could have made fun of it that way.
Estimate: $3.0 million