Han Solo Ain’t Never Had No Sex With Princess Leia in a ‘Star War’


Zack and Miri Make a Porno hits theaters this Friday and while there are plenty of comical moments in Kevin Smith’s new film in which he channels a bit of Judd Apatow comedy with a dose of his dialogue. There’s a poop moment that actually had the person sitting next to me cover his face and jump as if Freddy Kruger had just jumped out of a sphincter. The film isn’t Smith’s greatest, but he does get one great performance out of Craig Robinson who plays Delaney and you probably know him best from several Apatow flicks (the bouncer in Knocked Up) as well as NBC’s “The Office”.

There is a moment when they are reading over the script for the porno Zack and Miri plan on making called Star Whores and his quote upon hearing about a specific change from the original film has him saying, “What? Han Solo ain’t never had no sex with Princess Leia in a Star War!” It’s the absence of the final “s” in Star Wars that makes the quote a classic.

Give it a watch below and when you are done with that be sure to read my 30 minute interview with Smith right over here.