Box-Office Oracle: Oct. 24 – Oct. 26, 2008

#1 movie predicted correctly: 1 Week in a Row
This is so easy it’s like stealing. Just look at what that Hannah Montana movie did. Then figure out that 8-13 year old girls run the universe. Plug in $11250 per theater and then call it good. Let’s move on to a movie I might see…
Estimate: $40.7 million
Whoops, false alarm. I’ll never see this. My reasoning is simple: they get more lame each time. Still, it will make some bank. Horror fans are starved.
Estimate: $28.3 million
Do the math: an Edward Norton film being released to 2500 theaters in October. It’s a classic “dump” maneuver. Most likely they’re just praying no one remembers it in a few weeks.
Estimate: $11.6 million
Man, it is doomy and gloomy around Oracle headquarters this weekend. But this movie sucks too. The good news is that next weekend Zack and Miri should make some unopposed loot. You gotta cheer for Kevin Smith – he’s good people.
Estimate: $8.5 million
I dare anyone to take in a double feature of this and HSM3. Without taking out their eyes I mean.
Estimate: $7.8 million
I’m only dropping it 41% because clearly word of mouth is strong here. You gotta like Queen Latifah. She’s good people too.
Estimate: $6.3 million
7. W.
I listened to Ben Lyons talk about W. – he was saying everyone should see it. He was wrong.
Estimate: $3.7 million
I’m dropping it 32% because only like 40 people need to see it to hit this number. That’s not many.
Estimate: $3.7 million
This might end up as the most underrated movie of the year. It wasn’t exceptional, but it was treated as if it was flat out bad. And it wasn’t!
Estimate: $3.1 million
It will get hurt by Saw V – but it really has no competition. Sex Drive? C’mon. That one’s a goner.
Estimate: $2.7 million