ON DVD TODAY: October 21, 2008


The Incredible Hulk
I just reviewed the Blu-ray edition, which you can read right here, but suffice to say, I love this film and think it is one of the best comic book flicks I have ever seen. It is certainly better than Iron Man and second to The Dark Knight when it comes to summer 2009 superhero movies. It looks fantastic and has a thunderous soundtrack that will shake your room. The Blu-ray has a boat load of features and I would call it a must buy for any fan of straight-up entertaining flicks. Sure, it isn’t as serious as The Dark Knight and doesn’t have Robert Downey’s wit, but in terms of films that describe “spectacle” this one fills the bill.
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James Bond on Blu-ray
Dr. No, From Russia with Love, Thunderball, Live and Let Die, For Your Eyes Only and Die Another Day
I feel I covered these as best as I could with my three-page feature on all six releases. The verdict was really a wishy-washy one really depending on your James Bond dedication level, what you own already and how important a slightly improved picture is to you. To get the full skinny click here, the first page pretty much satisfies the review portion and the following two pages is a paragraph or so for each flick. Click the link below for buying information and deals.
Casino Royale (3-Disc Collector’s Edition)
The Blu-ray version of this just arrived yesterday afternoon and I haven’t even had a chance to take off the cellophane wrapper. However, the cover boasts over 7 hours of new features, but you should know that four-and-a-half of those hours are dedicated to two new commentaries (one is a visual pop-up commentary). From what I can tell the Blu-ray also comes with a new “Know Your Double-O” trivia feature and some BD-Live features as well. The second disc has all the features from the 2-Disc DVD release along with some new deleted scenes. From what it looks like, if you don’t already own Casino Royale or are looking to upgrade to Blu-ray then this would be a good choice, otherwise you better really like special features because that looks to be the one big bonus.
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The Strangers (Unrated)
I just that review, the first 43 minutes of this flick are extremely good, but after that it just goes off the rails into traditional horror flick clichés and stupidity. It is definitely worth a rental and some of you may enjoy it enough to give it a buy, but I would certainly recommend a watch before buying policy on this one.
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Complete Series Sets
There are several complete sets releasing today including the cool Amazon exclusive Stewie Head “Family Guy” release and a “Knight Rider” set that looks like it has a red glowing light in the box. Here are the links, the “Knight Rider” link has a little video with it.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. – The Complete Series

Family Guy – The Complete Collection (Stewie Head Packaging)

Knight Rider: The Complete Series

Family Guy: Freakin’ Sweet Party Pack

The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Series

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
I could have saved this for the “Even More” section below, but seeing how Sweeney Todd was one of the titles that had its HD DVD release recalled this was its high definition debut and I couldn’t let it be overlooked with just a minor link seeing how much I enjoy this film. I didn’t get a chance to take in all of its goodies and didn’t even get a chance to watch the entire flick, but it was satisfying enough to have it playing in the background as I did my work. So satisfying in fact I hit play once again after the film ended. This film looks great in hi-def and the music is just a joy. In terms of features it carries over everything from the 2-disc DVD, which David reviewed a long while back right here.
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