16 New ‘Max Payne’ Pictures Arrive

Russian mobster Mona Sax (Mila Kunis) prepares to battle those responsible for the death of her sister.
Photo: 20th Century Fox

Fox just sent over 16 new pictures from the upcoming Max Payne (10/17), which I learned just today that unlike the original 10 PM screening the night before which was originally offered, Seattle critics should expect a two-day advance look. It doesn’t necessarily mean the film somehow got better since it was originally set to be previewed for us Seattle folk, but it does show that Fox may not be as worried about potentially negative reviews as they thought they would be. It’s a decent sign, but not a great one.

However, a batch of new pictures from the film show some real atmosphere as we get a good look at Mila Kunis as Russian mobster Mona Sax above and what I assume to be an iconic shot mimicking the game of which it is based on as featured below.

You can get a good look at all 22 pictures we have by clicking here or on any of the thumbnails below.

Mark Wahlberg takes on the title role of a driven cop whose pursuits lead him into a dark underworld – and into battle against forces beyond imagination.
Photo: 20th Century Fox