ON DVD TODAY: October 7, 2008


Alfred Hitchcock Universal Legacy Releases
Psycho, Rear Window and Vertigo
If you haven’t yet checked out my Movie Magic article from Monday it was inspired by the audio commentary from Psycho and I have yet to check out the special features for either Rear Window or Vertigo, but I did get a chance to watch Vertigo just last night. While Psycho is great and Rear Window may be my favorite Hitchcock film I have no idea what people see in Vertigo. That film is long and for the most part downright boring. I don’t think the con pulled on Scottie is all that intriguing and the hokey dialogue is just too much to bear. The AFI recently named Vertigo the ninth best American movie ever made, with Psycho at 14 and Rear Window at 48. Maybe I am in the minority, but Vertigo is the worst of that bunch in my mind and a film I wouldn’t want to watch again.

However, these legacy releases from Universal just continue to get better. I already had all three of from Universal Masterpiece Collection and I hope to bring you picture comparisons between those releases and these releases later today. All three films have been restored, but I just don’t know if they have been restored beyond the earlier 2005 release but we’ll find out. There are new features and each flick looks great. Personally I would recommend you definitely pick up Rear Window before either of the others and then buy the others should your wallet permit, or at least Psycho.

Sleeping Beauty (2-Disc Platinum Edition)
I wasn’t sure if I should lead with the Hitchcock discs or Sleeping Beauty, but since I just received the Sleeping Beauty DVD and haven’t had a chance to crack it open I thought I would start with one I watched. However, I have recently received a ton of extra goodies for this release that I hope to show you in the next day or so. While Sleeping Beauty is not my favorite animated films it is one I always remember and do enjoy quite a bit. I remember as a kid how cool I thought the dragon at the end was and I expect I will be just as interested this next time around.
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30 Rock – The Complete Second Season
I just reviewed this right here should you care to read the full review, but I will say here that while the second season is quite good I could have used a little more Tracy Jordan. While the first season seemed to have a large emphasis on Tracy the second season tended to give more attention to Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin). Not necessarily a bad thing since Jack’s right wing comments are fantastic, but it’s just something I noticed.
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Touch of Evil (50th Anniversary Edition)
I watched the restored version of Touch of Evil, but since it was the first time I saw the film I didn’t feel as if I should have been the one to review the set so I handed it off. I think Sara did a very good job right here.
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Young Frankenstein
This Blu-ray hit my doorstep just today so I haven’t even had a chance to unwrap the cellophane, but I feel pretty confident in recommending it to all of you. I think this is a truly fantastic film that has so much going for it. Of course it isn’t the same as today’s style of comedy, which is to say you won’t see any penis shots, blood clots or dirty toilet digging, but it does offer some witty dry humor that I think many of you will absolutely love. Give it a rent and if you like it pick up what is sure to be the definitive edition right here on Blu-ray.
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The Happening
Arriving the same day as Young Frankenstein was M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening and I believe Domenic is also receiving a copy of this one on DVD. Looking at the case alone however I am a bit confused. It says there is “over 1 hour of intense bonus footage not shown in theaters!” Strangely enough the film is still listed at 90 minutes, without an unrated cut, which means the hour is in the deleted scenes? What kind of bait and switch marketing is that? And is it really all that “intense”? I guess I will know soon enough, but I hate it when it seems like they are lying to the customer.
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You Don’t Mess With The Zohan
If you buy this movie then I already feel sorry for you and don’t believe there is any way of saving you from making such a mistake in the future. This is to say, you are a lost cause, be safe and never play with sharp objects.
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The Visitor
I have not yet seen this movie, and instead of asking for a review copy I added it to my Netflix queue and after I watch a few scary movies looking for the scariest ones this will be the first movie I watch. Apparently Richard Jenkins is fantastic in it and an Oscar nomination may be coming his way. If I plan on keeping up “The Contenders” section properly I definitely need to check it out.
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