SPOILER: ‘Quantum of Solace’ Bond Girl Oiled Up ‘Goldfinger’ Style

(Above) Shirley Eaton as victim Jill Masterson in the 1964 Bond movie Goldfinger
(Below) Gemma Arterton is covered with liquid during Quantum of Solace
Photo: MGM and Sony Pictures courtesy Daily Mail

The Daily Mail has a fantastic new article showing how Quantum of Solace (11.14) pays a direct homage to 1964’s Goldfinger as new bond girl Gemma Arterton’s character is drowned in crude oil and her lifeless body is left draped over a bed in a scene deliberately reminiscent of the 1964 Bond classic Goldfinger.

Arterton tells the Mail, “I couldn’t move. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t breathe or hear because it went in my ears. It was unpleasant, but it’s something I’ll always remember and it will be an iconic part of the film.”

An oily Arterton blows a kiss to the camera after filming
Photo: Sony Pictures courtesy Daily Mail

Arterton (pictured above and below) was quoted saying, “Kissing Daniel was great – I can’t pretend it wasn’t… I just couldn’t get that image of him walking out of the sea in Casino Royale out of my head. He was very cool and I was a giggling mess. I mumbled something like, ‘I just kissed you!’ and he just said, ‘Yes you did. And now we have to do it again.’ Fortunately, he’s an incredible kisser.”

The image below is just one of what I believe are many featured in The Mail on Sunday’s Live magazine.

Gemma Arterton
Photo: Sony Pictures courtesy Daily Mail