Depp is Tonto in Lone Ranger and Word of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 4’


For those not aware, all the Disney related news you are seeing on the Internet today is coming out of the Walt Disney Studios Showcase that took place today. Disney/Pixar announced Cars 2 would be released in 2011, Johnny Depp would be the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and now IESB has two more bits of news saying Depp was actually on hand and appeared in full Jack Sparrow garb with a nickel plated revolver and a Lone Ranger mask. The mask was dropped only to reveal it was in fact Johnny Depp and then Chairman of Walt Disney Studios, Dick Cook, said it would be a perfect Trifecta, Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and now as Tonto in The Long Ranger and he promised Disney would throw in another Pirates movie for good measure reports IESB.

There have been past reports of a Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (one here and another here) but nothing concrete. I also don’t think Cook’s statement of “throwing another one in for good measure” really constitutes a confirmation, but it sounds like they are definitely pursuing the possibility.

One Pirates 4 rumor had Elizabeth and Will (Knightley and Bloom) being tossed aside in favor of a buddy feature centered on the search for the Fountain of Youth as Captain Jack Sparrow and Barbossa ultimately team up following a bunch of double-crossing in an effort “to defeat some supernatural terror.”

Pirates scripters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio are behind the The Lone Ranger film with Jerry Bruckheimer producing.

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