TOP TEN: Movie Trilogies

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

WHY: As much as everyone loves this trilogy I think I am going to catch some grief for placing it at #1, but let me explain my reasoning. First off, I can’t really point at anything in these three films I don’t love. I can’t point at the length because I bought the 300 hour extended editions and still can’t get enough. The acting is fantastic and Peter Jackson’s directing and vision are so superb the series deserved all the love and money it received. Finally, I was having a conversation with someone and the comment was made, “What book isn’t better than the movie?” Both of us agreed if there was one it was the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and personally I think the films do surpass Tolkien’s books. That’s just me though.

RANKING THE THREE FILMS: #1 Two Towers; #2 Fellowship of the Ring; #3 Return of the King (all three are very close though)

What are your thoughts? What did I miss? What do you hate that I added?

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