TOP TEN: Movie Trilogies

The Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy

WHY: It was either Pirates or Ocean’s, I know a lot of folks thought the two sequels were a big bloated mess and I actually think the second film is extremely flawed and the third one is a bit long. However, on a whole, and having all three on DVD is quite an adventure. These three films are popcorn films at their very best. The Curse of the Black Pearl is one of my favorite blockbusters of all time, I just love that film and think Depp made Captain Jack Sparrow watchable for hours.

RANKING THE THREE FILMS: #1 Curse of the Black Pearl; #2 At World’s End; #3 Dead Man’s Chest

The Back to the Future Trilogy

WHY: It’s probably just because I am a product of the ’80s, but I have fond memories of the Back to the Future trilogy, and the minute it said “To Be Continued” at the end of the first film I was chomping at the bit to see what happened in the second. Then you had the cool, self-lacing Nikes of the future, hover boards and a trip to the Wild West. And who hasn’t been driving down the freeway, hit 88 on the speedometer with their friends and yelled, “88 Miles An Hour!!!!!” What? That was just me and my idiot friends?

RANKING THE THREE FILMS: #1 Part One; #2 Part Three; #3 Part Two

The Mission: Impossible Trilogy

WHY: Because I am a glutton for punishment. If I had wanted to make this list to appease the readers I probably would have left this one out, but I can’t help it, I love these films. The first one was simply cool as hell, and the scene where Tom hangs in midair is fantastic as I remember the entire theater going silent. John Woo’s way over-the-top part two is actually the one I probably watch the most (don’t ask me why, because I don’t even know), and I absolutely loved the third film and got so mad it didn’t do very well at the box-office since everyone thought Tom was crazy.

RANKING THE THREE FILMS: #1 One; #2 Three; #3 Two

The Infernal Affairs Trilogy

WHY: When I first saw this trilogy it was after seeing The Departed. I reviewed the DVD set and was partial to The Departed, and I believe it is simply because I saw it first. I am still a little more partial to The Departed over any of the three films in this franchise, but it is hard to say the first two films in this trilogy aren’t great. The third one plays more like a television episode, but I actually still like that one as well.

RANKING THE THREE FILMS: #1 Part Two; #2 Part One; #3 Part Three

The Matrix Trilogy

WHY: Just as much as I am a product of the ’80s I attribute the majority of my life affected by the ’90s and since Fight Club isn’t a part of a trilogy I must point to The Matrix as one of the defining moments for me in terms of films early on in my life. From the techno score, to the mix of religion and philosophy, to the mind-bending special effects the first movie in this franchise redefined film. I will admit the final two films weren’t what we expected, but I still love Reloaded and can’t watch these films without watching Revolutions as well.

RANKING THE THREE FILMS: #1 The Matrix; #2 Reloaded; #3 Revolutions

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