BLU-RAY LIVE BLOG: ‘No Country for Old Men’ the Quotes Edition!

I had planned on doing this live blog the night before the Oscars, and then I was going to do it the day of the Oscars. Obviously both times would have been preferable to now and would have guaranteed more reads, but when things get in the way and time doesn’t permit it is simply the shits. However, I have found some time and am ready to roll.

This is a live blog of the Blu-ray Disc edition of No Country for Old Men, which hits shelves on March 11th, recently took home the Oscar for Best Picture, Best Director(s), Best Supporting Actor and Best Screenplay (adapted) and instead of going the snarky route, which I did when I blogged the unrated Hitman DVD, which was a lot of fun, I am going a different direction with this flick. After all, you can’t really do that with a great film like No Country for Old Men. I have already watched this flick twice since getting the Blu-ray and as I was watching I got to thinking, “Damn, there are a ton of good lines in this movie.” There was an idea in there, and that is what you are getting here…

As the movie plays I will be documenting all the great lines of this film. Those of you that have seen it are sure to recall some of the better moments and those of you that haven’t seen it will simply be given something to look forward to as this will in no way spoil the film. Now it may not be 100-percent live since I may have to pause it to get all the words down. Don’t hold it against me.

Here are some of the folks I am sure to be quoting:

  • Ed Tom Bell – Tommy Lee Jones
  • Anton Chigurh – Javier Bardem
  • Llewelyn Moss – Josh Brolin
  • Carson Wells – Woody Harrelson
  • Carla Jean Moss – Kelly MacDonald
  • Wendell – Garret Dillahunt
  • Managerial Victim – Myk Whitford
  • Boy on Bike #2 – Caleb Jones
  • Gas Station Proprietor – Gene Jones

I may add a little bit of opinion as I go, but nothing to spoil the actual plot. At the end of it all I will give my review of the disc itself including the special features… and away we go…

12:24:08 AM: Just a quick note as we get underway. Have any of you seen the Coen’s Blood Simple? If not definitely check it out, I just watched it for the first time yesterday and it is a great flick.

12:27:06 AM:

Ed Tom Bell: Said he knew he was going to hell. Be there in about 15 minutes. I don’t know what to make of that. I sure do don’t.

12:32:53 AM:

Chigurh: I need you to step out of the car sir.

Man in Car: What is that for?

Chigurh: Would you hold still please sir?

1:00:29 AM: Okay, Comcast Internet just fucked me and started maintenance for the rest of the night. So I am fucked and with no Internet. I will pick this back up once I am back online. All apologies.

1:02:12 AM: Oh, and if you were wondering how I posted this message that would be via cell phone. Yay Sprint. Fuck Comcast!

1:52:34 AM: Okay, I am back… and I actually let the film roll and started keeping track of the quotes as I went. So what I am going to do is update you in one quick burst and then on the next page we will get back to the live updates. I am currently just shy of an hour into the film.

1:52:51 AM:

Carla Jean: What’s in the satchel?

Llewelyn: It’s full of money.

Carla Jean: That would be the day. Where’d you get the pistol?

Llewelyn: At the gettin’ place.

Carla Jean: Did you buy that gun?

Llewelyn: No, found it.

Carla Jean: Llewelyn.

Llewelyn: What? Quit your hollering.

Carla Jean: What’d you get for that thing?

Llewelyn: You don’t need to know everything Carla Jean.

Carla Jean: I need to know that.

Llewelyn: Keep running that mouth of yours I’m gonna take you in the back and screw you.

Carla Jean: Big talk.

Llewelyn: Keep it up.

Carla Jean: What’re you doing baby?

Llewelyn: I’m going out.

Carla Jean: Going where?

Llewelyn: A little something I forgot to do, but I’ll be back.

Carla Jean: And what’re you gonna do?

Llewelyn: I’m fixing to do something dumber than hell, but I’m going anyways.

Chigurh: Is that what you’re asking me? Is there something wrong with anything?

Chigurh: You don’t know what you’re talking about do you?

Chigurh: What’s the most you ever lost on a coin toss?

Chigurh: Don’t put it in your pocket, it’s your lucking quarter.

Gas Station Attendant: Well where do you want me to put it?

Chirgurh: Anywhere, just not in your pocket, or it’ll get mixed in with the others and become just a coin – which it is.

Managerial Victim: That is a dead dog.

Chigurh: Yes, it is.

Ed Tom Bell: Wouldn’t think a car’d burn like that.

Wendell: Yes sir, should’ve brought wienies.

Wendell: That’s very linear sheriff.

Ed Tom Bell: Age’ll flatten a man Wendell.

Ed Tom Bell: Suppose a coyote won’t eat a Mexican.

Wendell: These boys appear to be managerial.

Desert Aire Manager: Did you not hear me? We can’t give out no inf’rmation!

Wendell: We going in?

Ed Tom Bell: Gun out and up.

Wendell: What about yours?

Ed Tom Bell: I’m hiding behind you.

Ed Tom Bell: Now that’s aggravating…

Wendell: Sherriff?

Ed Tom Bell: [looking at an opened bottle of milk] Still sweating.

Wendell: Oh, sheriff! We just missed him! We gotta circulate this… on radio.

Ed Tom Bell: All right. What do we circulate? [pours a glass of milk and takes a drink] Looking for a man who has recently drunk milk?

Cabbie at Motel: I don’t wanna get into some kind of a jackpot here buddy.

When Chigurh shoots at the crow on the bridge I got to thinking it reminded me of the end scene in Ladykillers, but Laremy told me that it actually mimics a scene from Raising Arizona. I haven’t seen Raising Arizona so I can’t comment, but maybe some of you may have an opinion on that one.

Store Clerk: Tent poles. You already have the tent?

Llewelyn: Well, something like that.

Store Clerk: Well, if you give me the model number on the tent I can order you the poles.

Llewelyn: Nah, nevermind I want a tent.

Store Clerk: Well, what kind of tent?

Llewelyn: The kind with most poles.

Man who hires Wells: Just how dangerous is he?

Carson Wells: Compared to what, the bubonic plague?

Carson Wells: You know, I, uh, counted the floors to this building from the street.

Man who hires Wells: And?

Carson Wells: There’s one missing.

Man who hires Wells: We’ll look into it.


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