Fanboys Don’t Even Want a ‘Justice League’ Movie

News out of Variety confirms that Warner Bros. is moving forward with the Justice League flick despite the fact that every fanboy on the face of the Earth doesn’t even want it.

Article have popped up at all the regular sites, let’s take a look at what some of the folks are saying:

‘HP’ at Coming Soon says:

Are they casting Justice League, or the next WB teen drama? What possible experience could a kid that looks like he’s just out of high school bring to the role of Batman?

Just another excuse to market twenty-something sex appeal to a country choking on youth.

Execs are idiots.

‘Peter Venkman’ at CHUD says:

I could care less about this film..cause it seems that Warners does not give a shit either

‘theshadowalker’ at JoBlo says:

No matter how much we beat this JLA abomination, it just won’t die will it?

Wow, those are some harsh words, and this is coming from the audience Warner Bros. hopes will fork over dollar bills to see the pile of trash they are putting together.

Word is that scripters Scribes Kieran and Michele Mulroney are beefing up the script with a bunch of one-liners and gay jokes (not really) in an effort to get the production underway. How good is it going to be? Well, Adam Brody of “The O.C.” fame is the biggest name signed on and he will play the Flash with Common on board as Green Lantern and Armie Hammer Jr. as Batman and Megan Gale as Wonder Woman. Yeah, it sounds like a crew of whos and whats.

Why is it being made? Speculation out of Variety credits WB’s need for another summer ’09 flick. Apparently Terminator 4 and Watchmen aren’t enough.

The question remains, if the core audience isn’t interested in the film why is WB insistent on moving forward with it? The answer is simple, because the audience that hates it will still go see it. After all, fanboys pushed Fantastic Four to over $100 million while loathing it every step of the way.


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