Hugo Weaving Joins Universal’s ‘The Wolf Man’

I think the cast of Universal’s The Wolf Man remake is shaping up quite well and if only Mark Romanek had stayed on as director would I think we were in for a real treat. That is not to say that Joe Johnston won’t do a good job, I am just a fan of Romanek’s work stemming from his days as a music video director and think he really would have nailed this one. However, with the speed in which this flick is going I have a feeling a lot of the work Romanek put into the production won’t be abandoned so there still may be a few of his touches in there.

Today we learn that Hugo Weaving of Matrix fame is joining the cast which includes Benicio del Toro, Emily Blunt and Anthony Hopkins. Weaving will play Det. Aberline to Del Toro’s title character with Hopkins’ playing the Wolf Man’s dad.

Filming is set to begin next month in London with a February 13, 2009 release already planned.

If I can give you one piece of advice, I recommend you check out the original Wolf Man if this flick is of any interest to you, it is actually quite good.


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