Is Anyone Looking Forward to ‘The Love Guru’?

Michael Myers is determined to continue to make the kind of comedy I hate, that is the kind of comedy that relies on people believing that a man dressed up and talking stupid is funny. Ben Stiller dominates this territory and Will Ferrell is trying to crash the party. Myers got away with it in the semi-humorous Austin Powers, but the comedy obviously dwindled as the follow-ups were far from interesting.

As much as I have grown to dislike Juno due to the overwhelming love for it I at least applaud it for an honest approach at humor. I recently watched Annie Hall for the first time and that is an example of a film that knows what comedy is, and one thing it isn’t is a grown man dressing up and using a fake accent.

Everything said, here is the first poster for The Love Guru, which if the stupidty of the poster doesn’t sell how bad it will be perhaps the fact that it co-stars the non-talent of Jessica Alba will help you make your decision.


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