Fanning Sisters are Replaced as Dakota Won’t Shave Her Head

If one sister goes the other follows and that appears to be the deal as Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning have departed the Nick Cassavetes film My Sister’s Keeper as sources say Dakota Fanning balked at a request that she shave her head for the role and both sisters withdrew abruptly.

Elle was replaced by superstar Abigail Breslin and Dakota was replaced by Sofia Vassilieva who is best known for playing Ariel Dubois on “Medium” and is apparently willing to shave her blonde locks.

Also starring in the film are Cameron Diaz, Alec Baldwin and Joan Cusack. The drama was adapted from the Jodi Picoult novel by Jeremy Leven and Diaz will play a former defense attorney who returns to the courtroom to defend herself and her husband when they are sued by their 13-year-old daughter (Breslin) for emancipation. The girl was conceived as a genetic match with the hope she could prolong her cancer-ridden sister’s (Vassilieva) life.

The pic is set up at New Line and production is still on track for March.


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