Downey Jr. and Foxx On Set of ‘The Soloist’

The snapshot above of Jamie Foxx on the set of The Soloist just throws me off a bit as it looks like something that would come out of some off the wall comedy and not the next Academy Award hopeful, but that is exactly what this film is.

The Soloist stars Jamie Foxx as Nathaniel Ayers, a downtown L.A. homeless man who was a skillful violinist that is ultimately discovered by Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez (Downey). After learning that Ayers was a prodigy until schizophrenia made it impossible to continue, Lopez wrote columns about the musician and developed a relationship that changed both their lives.

The two teaser pics above are part of a set of seven pictures snapped by JFXOnline from the set of the film, which is being directed by Atonement and Pride of Prejudice helmer Joe Wright. To take a peek at all the pics click here or on the pic above.


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