Murphy May Replace Lohan in ‘Poor Things’

Forgive me if I am missing something, I don’t exactly keep up with the gossip blogs, but has Lindsay Lohan finally managed to get her name out of the tabloids? If so, congratulations. If I am missing something, then please leave me be, I am comfortable in my ignorance on the subject. However, it seems Lohan is doing at least one thing, and that is dropping out of projects, the latest would be Poor Things, of which she was to co-star in opposite Shirley MacLaine, Olympia Dukakis, Rosario Dawson and Channing Tatum. According to The Hollywood Reporter it seems the role may fall into the hands of Brittany Murphy.

Murphy herself has been MIA for some time as The Dead Girl was her last feature back in 2006. She is due to star in The Ramen Girl and THR still mentions her name in association with Sin City 2, but that project seems close to dead.

Brittany will begin filming Across the Hall this week, co-starring along with Mike Vogel and Danny Pino in the thriller about a brutal standoff between a young man (Vogel), his fiancee and his best friend (Pino), but outside of that the possiblility of Poor Things seems to be all that’s in the pipeline, and negotiations on that one haven’t even begun.


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