Is the Writers’ Strike Over?

Several articles have been posted on a multitude of locations, all of them saying that the writers’ strike is coming to a close. Hell, Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood is saying that it actually is over as Peter Chernin, President and Chief Operating Officer of News Corporation, and Chairman and CEO of the Fox Group, made his way to Super Bowl XLII and is allegedly telling folks “the strike is over”.

Variety ran an article saying that the WGA and AMPTP are “looking to lock in a strike-ending deal as early as this week.”

The Hollywood Reporter recently updated their article and are saying “that a tentative agreement may be announced sometime this week.”

On top of all that “striking writers have reached interim contract agreements with four New York-based independent filmmakers” according to CNN via the AP.

What does all this mean? I really don’t think we will know for quite some time what kind of an effect it is going to have. Perhaps it ended just in time to not have much of an effect at all. Perhaps 2009 will be the worst year for movies ever, and who can really tell with television. Lord knows one thing, hopefully we won’t be hearing any more previews for 90-minute episodes of “American Gladiators” or “Deal or No Deal” ever again.

Stay tuned, once details are official I will let you know.


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