Herskovitz Tells the WGA and AMPTP to Sack Up and End the Strike

The Hollywood Reporter is carrying an article quoting producer Marshall Herskovitz, president of the Producers Guild of America, telling the Writers Guild and teh AMPTP to put aside their self-interest and reach an agreement that will end the current strike. Herskovitz said that neither the WGA nor the AMPTP “can honestly say they’ve done everything they can to resolve the strike.”

Ain’t that the truth. I have been saying this all along, how selfish they have all been. The WGA is out for revenge and the AMPTP is being stingy, the two don’t go together and are costing the industry billions and hurting the blue-collar workers in the industry.

“The time has come to look beyond the needs of your organizations,” Herskovitz said. “They should apply themselves to solving the problem.”

If you are wondering why Herskovitz, a producer himself and president of the PGA, is not doing something other than speaking out, it is because the PGA, which represents the interests of producers by working to secure health benefits, police credits and improve working conditions, is not a party to the current talks. The AMPTP, while it is informally referred to as “the producers,” actually represents the studios and production companies that are currently working out a new contract with the WGA.

Herskovitz made his remarks at a panel he moderated that was made up of producers whose work is nominated for the Producer of the Year Award in Theatrical Motion Pictures and it is expected to be featured on the Reelz Channel this month.


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