Hey ‘Doomsday’ Producers! Pay Tyler His Money!

Running a site such as RopeofSilicon.com can be a blessing and a curse. For some reason people seem to think that I will be able to get them in touch with Ridley Scott or Steven Spielberg to pitch their movie ideas. Sometimes people think I will be able to get them in touch with Jamie Foxx to help him learn what he needs to know for his next role.

If you can help me find mailing addresses for Jamie Foxx and Matthew M. Carnahan, I have information related to The Zebra Murders that I’d like to pass along to them.

Then there are the folks that tell me they are a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) survivor and have written a book about their struggle and how they would like to play themselves in a movie co-starring John Travolta (he will play the dance teacher), Michelle Pfeiffer, George Clooney and Leo DiCaprio. Sure, I can arrainge that… No problemo.

Seriously, how do you people expect me to respond to these requests?

The best is when folks send in comments directed at an actor/actress/director themselves, not even recognizing the site at all.

Then today I got one from a Tyler B., who apparently was an extra on Neil Marshall’s Doomsday. He writes in telling me:

Hello my name is Tyler. I have a small part near the final scene of Doomsday and was also an extra. I was arranged to leave the UK after filming and left an american address for the paycheck to be sent. It never arrived. My contact number now is USA ***-***-****.

Thank you,


I just have one thing to say…

Someone pay Tyler his money!

Seriously though, I love hearing from you guys… Feel free to drop a line whenever, post a comment or join the forums and get involved. RopeofSilicon doesn’t have a lot of the fanboy conversations other sites have, but we have our fun.


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