Vagina Dentata Bites in Four Clips from ‘Teeth’

What do you know about Vagina Dentata, which is Latin for “toothed vagina”. Well, if you don’t know much and plan on seeing Teeth get ready for a whole new world to open up right before your very eyes. I just saw this film this week, and while I was prepared for it I wasn’t quite sure it was the first thing I wanted to see at 10 AM on a Tuesday morning, but if that’s when they want me at the theater I am there.

Teeth is the story of Dawn, she has teeth in her vagina and they just can’t keep from chomping down on things. Say a rapist’s dick, an innapropriate gynecologist’s four right hand fingers or whatever else may come into play. The film is bloody, the film is graphic and the film is coming to theaters on January 18th, but before then why not check out four new clips we just added. Check ’em out using the links below.

I Think I Can Explain

I Think She Bit It

(Sorry had to remove this one thanks to the MPAA)

I’ve Been Real Patient

I’m Here For Dawn

Who’s Kicking Who Out Now?

High school student Dawn works hard at suppressing her budding sexuality by being the local chastity group’s most active participant. Her task is made even more difficult by her bad boy stepbrother Brad’s increasingly provocative behavior at home. A stranger to her own body, innocent Dawn discovers she as a toothed vagina when she becomes the object of violence. As she struggles to comprehend her anatomical uniqueness, Dawn experiences both the pitfalls and the power of being a living example of the vagina dentata myth.


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