Box-Office Oracle: Jan. 4 – Jan. 6, 2008

#1 movie predicted correctly: 7 Weeks in a Row
This is the weekend the bottom drops out of the box office (finally). 2006 and 2007 proved that they’ve got around $100m to work with, I’m placing 17% of those chips on Nic Cage baby.
Estimate: $17.3 million
If there’s one thing I’ve proven it’s that I don’t have a clue what will happen with this here Chipmunk movie. So here’s one more stab at it, with style, for a film that’s jobbed me every step of the way.
Estimate: $14.8 million
Somehow I Am Legend has become the movie I root for, only because I hated Nat Treas II and didn’t see Chipmunkin. However, having now gone back and read the book I can unequivocally say that the source material has almost nothing to do with the movie, so I can see where fans would have been chaffed.
Estimate: $14.1 million
4. Juno
It gets a ton more theaters this weekend, but will this hipster favorite translate? The answer, as per normal, is “sort of.”
Estimate: $11.4 million
I don’t know. You got me. Really I shouldn’t even have to predict this movie. Swank? Butler? C’mon. However, I would like to broach a subject re: Mr. Richard Roeper’s top ten list for 2007. He listed, wait for it, The Lookout, as his #3 movie of 2007. Really Richard? Really? That movie sucked on wheels man. You’re better than that.
Estimate: $7.7 million
Don’t worry guys, one day there will be a real deal comedy about Afghanistan. Just keep on waiting, the chuckles will come.
Estimate: $6.7 million
See? There’s a new movie out this weekend! Now, no one in the universe wants to actually see it… but still, it’s out.
Estimate: $6.2 million
Here is a question for ya. Who would want to see a movie about a giant sea horse? Weird.
Estimate: $5.1 million
I caught this last weekend. It’s a well done flick but it’s not my style. The muted colors, the macabre theme… just not for me. I don’t hate the effort though, long live and prosper Timmy Burton.
Estimate: $5.0 million
What I love about this one is how savage the reviews were. It was like the critics were beaten before they went into the theater. I can’t imagine having to see this now – even people who shoulda liked it pretty much hated it. Bonus pick: Atonement could jump up and grab the tenth slot. You heard it here first.
Estimate: $4.7 million


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