‘Host’ Sequel Expected to be a Prequel

Back in August of 2007 I gave a rather long spiel on my opinion of writer/director Joon-ho Bong’s The Host and the fact that I didn’t quite understand why people liked it so much, but the mutant monster flick certainly has its following as well as an upcoming sequel, or should I say, prequel.

TwitchFilm is reporting that Korean comic artist Kang Full is already hacking away at a script for the new film and it is set three years prior to the events of the original film. The site doesn’t have any major details, but it does say that word is this one revolves around the excavation of the Cheonggye Stream – an ancient waterway running through Seoul that was recently reclaimed and restored after years of being covered by a highway – and will feature multiple monsters.

Considering the first film leads us to believe that the great monster was a completely new phenomenon to the public everyone is sure to die in the new film, which could be an interestingly dark turn on the story based on intentionally polluted waters resulting in a mutant monster in Korea’s Han River. It is actually said to be based on a true story.

As for a schedule for the new film Twitch reports shooting is slated for later in 2008 with a 2009 release planned.


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