Has the WGA Left the Door Open for Award Show Waivers?


I was originally going to write an article about how we may not have any award shows this season, at least in terms of televised extravaganzas like normal. The People’s Choice Awards, as mundane and irrelevant as they are, have already cancelled and with the fact that the WGA plans on picketing the Golden Globes and Oscars the thought of carrying out red carpet hoopla as per the norm would have been a bit of a downer. I can’t imagine any one just sauntering by a group of WGA picketers in their Sunday’s best to go chat it up with Ryan Seacrest. That just doesn’t seem worth it.

However, there may be a light at the end of the tunnell. It may be dim, but I can see it.

In a new article at Variety talking about how talks have pretty much come to a halt due to the holiday season there is a quote in there of interest to those curious about the state of the award shows.

“The best way to get the awards season back on track is for the AMPTP to return to the bargaining table to negotiate a fair deal with the Writers Guild to get this town back to work,” the WGA said.

Apparently the WGA is insinuating that they would be inclined to give the Globes and the Oscars a waiver to hire WGA members should the AMPTP begin negotiations once again.

The WGA has already granted a waiver to sister org, SAG, for the Screen Actors Guild Awards and has also granted a waiver to Film Independent to allow the org to hire WGA writers, including emcee Rainn Wilson, for the Feb. 23 Spirit Awards.

Things could get a bit dicey however come the new year. The DGA has already gone on to say that it will begin negotiations with the AMPTP in January, which would certainly put a scheduling kink in the WGA’s plans, not to mention if the Directors Guild is able to come to an agreement without petty bickering it won’t bode well for the striking writers.

The article goes on to bolster stats of audience awareness and how much it has affected viewing habits, but I am not going to regurgitate that here. For the full article click here and let’s hope there is some movement.