Not a lot of ‘Sweeney’ in the Midwest

Just imagine if theater chains in major movie-going markets took the same stance as Midwest exhibitor Marcus Theaters whom has told Paramount Pictures it will not be booking Sweeney Todd in any of its 49 theaters because the studio’s asking price was too high. This doesn’t mean folks in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, North Dakota and Iowa and in such cities as Milwaukee and Green Bay, Wisc.; Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio; and Minneapolis won’t be getting Sweeney Todd at all, it simply means that if they do get it it won’t be in a Marcus Theater.

Marcus is the seventh-largest circuit in the U.S., and the circuit’s top 20 theaters are among the country’s 1,200 highest grossers overall. Does that mean anything to me? Nope, I just put it in there in case you wanted to make some sense out of it.

Paramount’s only comment on the matter was, “We believe the movie is worth every penny… We stand behind ‘Sweeney Todd’ and are thrilled to be playing it in 1,200-plus theaters nationwide.”

Marcus president Bruce J. Olson was quoted by Variety saying, “”Our customers are our first priority. We must be able to control all of our costs so that we can continue to provide the best entertainment value for our guests. This commitment is the foundation of our business.” You’ve got to respect that.

Sweeney Todd opens in 1,200+ theaters this weekend, for more information click here.


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