Portion of ‘The Golden Compass’ Lost Ending Surfaces


The highly impressive fansite for the “His Dark Materials” has revealed a scene that was cut from the ending of The Golden Compasss, an ending that left a lot to be desired considering it appeared as if they had run out of film stock. However, that wasn’t the case. As it turns out New Line allegedly cut a lot of the original ending, but was not able to remove the scenes from the video game. Therefore they find their way online.

The clip below features Daniel Craig as Lord Asriel and Lyra’s arrival at Asriel’s laboratory on Svalbard with Roger.

I have to wonder what was mentioned prior to this clip in the original ending, because based on the ending to the movie this appears to be vastly out of context. Luckily once I get “Shutter Island” and one other book out of the way the “His Dark Materials” series is first on my list of what to read next. I don’t anticipate a sequel being made and I must know what actually happens at the end of “The Golden Compass” and I am excited to read the rest of the trilogy.

Now, here’s that scene: