TOP TEN: Opening Credit Sequences

Run Lola Run

I defy anyone who doesn’t start tapping their feet or bobbing their head when this opening sequence begins, or begin smiling in anticipation when it kicks into the next gear. You knew watching this that you were in for one of the better rides of your life, something completely unique. The animation that hits over two minutes in always reminded me of the opening sequence to Mannequin (which sadly did not make this list). Walk like an Egyptian or run like Lola below:

Catch Me If You Can

One of Spielberg’s best films in recent years features easily his greatest title sequence ever. I have a hardcore man-crush on John Williams’ score here. Once again here is a score that sets up the film you’re about to watch perfectly and previewing the different cons DiCaprio’s character takes on enhances the experience I think. Catch it if you can:


Okay, this sequence has been ripped off so many times I can’t even begin to get into it. It’s pretty shameless though. This was also the first non-Bond title sequence in what felt like eons that actually set you up for something great. Every thriller since Seven has tried their hand at paying homage (or stealing) but what they could never duplicate is its originality and that kick ass title version of Trent Reznor’s “Closer”. Get closer to God and witness:

Reservoir Dogs

Discovering this film was an exciting time for me. Pulp Fiction hadn’t yet dominated the indie world and I was just beginning to get exposed to alternative voices of cinema. And then comes along this title sequence, one of the most famous title sequences of all time, capping one of the great opening scenes of all time. What else can be said, you guys have seen this one a thousand times already. Watch it again right here:

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