Box-Office Oracle: Nov. 29 – Dec. 2, 2007

#1 movie predicted correctly: 2 Weeks in a Row
It really helps Enchanted that nothing is out. I’ve got it declining 47% to $4893 per screen. How’s that for a look behind the curtain?
Estimate: $18.3 million
Ah, I see, we’re back to the days of only one movie cracking double digits. All the numbers were skewed due to everyone being off work/school so let’s look for this one to drop 44% even with those IMAX dollars rolling in.
Estimate: $9.3 million
Interestingly enough this won the per screen average competition last weekend, even beating No Country for Old Men. This weekend won’t be so kind though, a 54% drop is foretold.
Estimate: $8.3 million
We finally get to the first new release of the weekend… which is actually the only wide new release of the weekend. I keep expecting them to move Indy Jones 4 in to this weekend just to clean up. Okay, now for the serious news, no one wants to see this anywhere in America.
Estimate: $7.0 million
I’d really love to predict a 100% drop from last weekend because that’s what it deserves. However, my theory is that most of the people who are headed out to see it this weekend don’t have a ton of friends. Thus, they’ll never get the word that this is terrible. Unless they are reading this. Sure, pal, I’ll be your friend.
Estimate: $6.3 million
Great news – this one is no longer $100m away from making its budget back. That’s right, they’ve upgraded it from “epic disaster” to “moderate disaster.” Congrats Jerry!
Estimate: $6.1 million
It only dropped 11% last weekend in what we predictors call a “false indicator.” This weekend, with everyone back to the grindstone, you’ve got to be thinking near a 48% decrease.
Estimate: $5.6 million
I saw it for the second time last weekend and when the credits came on someone yelled “Huh??” It was really funny, though also really sad, because clearly that person is an idiot.
Estimate: $5.1 million
Alba really can pick them right? It’s been a long time since someone squandered this much pretty.
Estimate: $4.8 million
This will narrowly edge out American Gangster or your money back.
Estimate: $4.7 million


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