Watchmen’s Rorschach and Famed Newstand Revealed

Director Zack Snyder has updated the blog for Watchmen with four new pics from shooting at various locations and on stages, and they reveal some very familiar faces to fans of the Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons graphic novel.

Above you see the famed newstand where the story of the Black Freighter unfolds and to the right you may recognize the hooded figure as Rorschach. Snyder comments in the blog post saying the production has finally moved to New York City and, “Since the New York City that is rendered in the graphic novel is so particular, it was very important to me that our backlot speak the same language, the vernacular of ‘Watchmen’.”

Perhaps the best part of the post are Snyder’s “interesting facts” about the backlot:

  • 5,800 feet of neon requiring 24,000 watts of power
  • 100 unique and custom-designed graphics created for the various storefronts
  • 5,000 square feet of custom posters
  • Street had to work for 1938, 1945, 1953, 1957, 1964, 1974, 1975, 1977, and 1985
  • 1,040 feet of 1:1 scale New York streets
  • 98,400 square feet of exterior scenery
  • 12,500 square feet of interior scenery
  • Building heights range from 23’9″ to 42’6″
  • 10,325 16-foot 2x4s
  • 3,600 sheets of OSB (plywood-like construction material)
  • 384,000 square feet of foam brick
  • 200,000 nails
  • 3,500 tubes of construction adhesive
  • 160,000 lbs. of steel I-beams support the facades
  • 300 cubic meters of concrete
  • 6,000 square feet of glass
  • 4,800 square feet of plexiglass
  • 20,000 donuts were consumed by the construction crew
  • 20,000 gallons of water and 3,000 gallons of Gatorade was drunk by the crew

To check out the complete post as well as the hi-res images click here.

Watchmen is a ways off and hits theaters March 6, 2009.


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