XMAS IDEA: $199 HD DVD Player or a Seinfeld Coffee Table Book DVD Set

There are a couple of things you should take a look at, and quick since there are limits to both.

First off for the headline, Amazon.com is offering the Toshiba HD-A3 HD DVD player for only $199 for limited time and along with it you get 3 free HD DVDs along with a mail in rebate form to get five more for free. Not a bad deal eh?

Wanna get one, click here.

Next up is something cool that popped into my inbox and there are only 230 of these. Sony is offering the complete “Seinfeld” series on DVD inside an actual Coffee Table Book box set. The collection is going to run you $399.99, which ain’t cheap. Hell, you could buy an HD DVD player and have 8 HD DVDs as well as $100 in your pocket if you chose the deal above instead, but for a Christmas gift I am sure this would make any “Seinfeld” fanatic go nuts.

Check that one out here


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