New ‘Dark Knight’ Image is in Albuquerque’s Hands

UPDATE: All is figured out… almost… get the new pic here and learn more.

The viral site in promotion of The Dark Knight involved a nationwide scavenger hunt as people sent around taking snapshots of images in a variety of cities that held letters that could be pieced together “by the Joker” on the site to reveal a saying, which is now realized to be “The Only Sensible Way To Live In This World Is Without Rules”. However, the “s” in “This” is still missing and a picture of it needs to be taken by someone living in Albuquerque “at the signpost at the entrance of San Luis Plaza on Romero Street. Once you get there you will see a staircase to the left. Go to the top of the first landing to see what’s been wrought.”

So folks, if any of you live in Albuquerque get your cameras and get that picture and I believe we will have our first look at Two Face.

Stay tuned.


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