Woo’s ‘Killer’ Sentenced for a Remake

I am not a John Woo know-it-all as many people are out there that love the several H0ng Kong classics he has made. Since I haven’t seen any of them I can’t comment, but one of them is getting the remake treatment as Korean-American helmer John H. Lee takes on The Killer.

Woo’s Killer was released in 1989 with Chinese actor Chow Yun-Fat playing the lead role as a killer with a conscience, the film is described as a dissection of morals in a corrupt society and takes place on the streets of Hong Kong. Lee told The Hollywood Reporter, “In John’s original version, it doesn’t really matter where the film is set, except that Hong Kong has this dragon boat festival which adds a bit of local flavor. In this remake, we will use the geography of L.A. to move the story forward.”

The director will take the action through L.A.’s Koreatown, Chinatown and South Central and has said that the lead of his film must be Korean.

Woo’s longtime producer and partner at Lion Rock Prods., Terence Chang said a script is being worked on but said it is too early to reveal other details.


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