‘Cloverfield’ Set Footage and Info from Official Site

Gotta be honest, writing up all these articles never quite sure of what to call this stupid movie is now annoying. Do I call it Cloverfield? Do I call it 1-18-08? Or do I call it Monstrous? Either way I think you know what the hell I am talking about, as everyone is buzzing about this movie.

During Comic Con we brought you video of J.J. Abrams talking about it a bit and now more video has popped up online over at IESB.net. This new video is actual set footage featuring what looks like a helicopter rescue, click here for that.

Also, it was brought to my attention in the 1-18-08 user comments that the pictures on the official site can actually be flipped over by holding down your mouse on them and moving it back and forth really quickly. Two of the pics have writing on them. I featured them both below. Not sure if this was already known or not, but I thought it was pretty cool.


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