Lohan to Join Knightley in ‘The Best Time of Our Lives’


If it wasn’t a legitimate outlet I wouldn’t believe it. While MTV is a music news source I guess when it comes to Lindsay Lohan they can pretty much bridge the gap, that is if you consider what Lohan churns out music. Word out of the music news source is that Lohan will be joining Keira Knightley in The Best Time of Our Lives for director John Maybury.

This isn’t the odd part, the part that confuses me is when I learn that Lohan will star as a mother in the movie centered around Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, his wife Caitlin and the curious real-life incident in which childhood friend Vera Phillips (Knightley) and her eventual husband William Killick opened fire on the Thomas home with a machine gun and a hand grenade. The characters were in their 20s at the time of the episode.

Lohan tells MTV, “It’s a beautiful and amazing movie — a piece [that] takes place at the time of World War II… I have a child in the movie.”

The film was written by Knightley’s mother, Sharman Macdonald, and what can only seem like yet another ploy to get in the press she chimes in saying, “[Keira] is older than me, but she kind of has a mysterious relationship with my lover… and then there’s somewhat of a lesbian undertone.”

I guess if Paris Hilton can continue to make news it is believable that Lindsay Lohan can be a mother, at least a fictional one.

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