Madsen, Jones and Chamberlain Find ‘Strength and Horror’


Production Weekly is reporting that Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones and Richard Chamberlain are set to stary in the Irish feature film Strength and Honor for debut director Mark Mahon.

The pic is set in the contemporary world of boxing in Cork, Ireland, which is situated South West of Ireland, it is the largest of all the Irish counties and in many ways the most varied.

Mahon also penned the script which tells the story of Sean Kelleher, a boxer who promises his dying wife he will never box again after accidentally killing his friend in the ring. He is forced to break his oath in order to raise funds to save his young son, who has been diagnosed with the same life threatening condition that took his wife.

Madsen, will star as the grieving father Sean Kellegher, with Jones taking the role of Smasher O’Driscoll, his arch rival and foe. Veteran actor Chamberlain, will play Madsen’s boxing coach.

Filming will take place over the span of six weeks and begins mid-September in locations around country Cork.

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