VIDEO: Clip from ‘A Prairie Home Companion’


Thanks to the Seattle International Film Festival I have already had a chance to check out A Prairie Home Companion and while I am happy to say that Lindsay Lohan does just fine in her first “grown-up” role she really doesn’t have a whole lot to do in the pic.

Nevertheless, we have just been sent a look at the movie with a clip featuring Lohan along with Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin as they chat it up in their dressing room. I have also posted Laremy’s preview capsule after he had a chance to check it out at SIFF as well.

The clip is right below in QuickTime and Laremy’s capsule follows that. Look for more of Laremy’s SIFF previews soon as he will bring us his opinion on The Illusionist, This Film is Not Yet Rated and Sketches of Frank Gehry

A Prairie Home Companion hits theaters on June 9.

A Prarie Home Companion: C+

Garrison Keilor finally gets a chance to roll out his radio show to the big screen but the results are mixed. The great parts include some of the wry humor and the awesome ensemble cast. Who is the cast? You may have heard of names like Tomlin, Woody, John C. Reilly, Streep, Lohan, Kevin Kline, and Maya Rudolph. Okay, maybe Rudolph isn’t a huge name but I love her anyway. The film itself feels very much like A Mighty Wind but some of the musical numbers slow the film down and one of the plot lines is weird to say the least. For fans of NPR or Prarie Home Companion this is can’t miss but for the general public it’s a more lukewarm recommendation.

~ Laremy Legel

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