VIDEO: Catch Lindsay Lohan in ‘Just My Luck’


Could 20th Century Fox’s upcoming release Just My Luck on May 12th be Lindsay Lohan‘s last little girl role?

Is it even a little girl role considerin she is supposed to be graduated from college in the film?

Based on these clips there is still a little bit of that Mean Girls and Freaky Friday Lindsay in there as we bring you your first look at seven new clips from the film and the domestic trailer thrown in there just for kicks.

To check out the vids just click here or on Lindsay’s winking eye above.

Just My Luck features Lindsay Lohan as Ashley, a young professional just out of college. She also happens to be the luckiest woman in the world, who has lived a super-charmed life and has always taken her good luck for granted. When she kisses a handsome stranger (played by Chris Pine) at a costume party, Ashley accidentally swaps her good fortune for his horribly bad luck, and her charmed life turns into a living hell.

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